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Darby Kolano did a terrific job selling our house. From compiling data on house validations to define market value, handling the paper work, communication with local real estate contacts and support businesses, coordinating inspection, assisting at the closing and finally transferring ownership to the buyers, she did an excellent job. 

Selling a home and moving into new surroundings always seems traumatic, but this was the smoothest we have ever experienced. Thanks to Darby, who we whole heartily recommend to anyone looking to sell their house.

-John and Deb Siddall


Selling a home can be trying, to say the least, without the help from someone who has the knowledge of the real estate market, experience in the selling process and the ability to get things done. Darby Kolano has all of these qualities and much more.

She knows the local market well and was able to accurately assess the value of our home to achieve fair and equitable price. This allowed our home to sell quickly. However, more than that, we found her experience in the selling process invaluable. These is so much to digest; so many decisions, so many phases of the process, so much to do! Darby was always available for questions and advice as the sale of our home progressed. 

It's an emotional decision to sell a house you have called home for 28 years. Thank you, Darby, for your patience and understanding!

-Jackie Johnson


We recently sold our house and Darby Kolano was our agent. We could not have been more please with her. Not only did she have our house on the market for the right price it sold in record time.

Darby was a hands on Realtor, she spent after hours with us answering questions, looking on websites for homes, and with her help found our new home. She was more than patient with us during that stressful time. I would definitely recommend Darby Kolano.

-Karin and Rick Koski


Darby was our buyers agent for the house we bought at Kelsey Circle. It was a complicated move as we were living in Argentina and returning to the USA. We contacted Darby several months ago to organize a dedicated house search in early April (she showed us nearly 30 homes in 1 week), and then we we chose the house on Kelsey, there were many steps along the way to close on the house. Given we were in Argentina, Darby was the one that had to do all the follow-up work including being at the house on multiple occasions for home inspections and other issues that came up.

She was absolutely AWESOME, and earned every penny she got. She was extremely dedicated, and returned answers to our questions usually the same day or early the following day. Given we were living in Argentina, man of the things we normally should have done ourselves were done by Darby. She always made sure we were ok with all decisions and always put our best interests first. We think she did an outstanding job.

We don't plan on selling our house anytime in the near future, but if & when we do, you can be assured we will be calling Darby to do it. Also, if we decided to buy any other homes, she will also be the one we call.

Please recognize you have a great employee!! Thanks also to all the support we got from the total Charles Reinhart team.

-Jiem & Trudy Cranney


We wanted to sincerely thank you for all your guidance help and understanding. You priced our house just right, gave us tips, and encouraged us. You were patient with our endless questions, met and delivered at all hours and was pleasant even in our adversity.

I truly enjoyed you and miss talking to you!

-Dave and Judy Rakotz

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